ATM Maker Plans To Expand Market

Triton is a worldwide leader in the production and sales of automated teller machines. But until now, the company's ATMs have been found primarily at stores and shopping centers.

The launch of the FT-7000 should give Triton a footing in the banking business.

"We've gotten a good strong base in our retail segment. We've sold 158,000 units worldwide in 24 countries. So, this is a step up for us from that base. We've kind of set the bar for affordability in ATMs. We want to bring what we've learned to the financial institution units," said marketing director Doug Sholes.

The heart of the new machine is a PC, not unlike your home computer. It's designed to handle thousands of transactions with little or no maintenance.

"This will be an installation site for a camera for security reasons. And of course, at the end of every transaction you're going to get a receipt generated for the customer," said operations manager Burton Hillman.

Any new ATM machine must undergo extensive testing before its roll out. The FT-7000 has already been through in-house testing and test market performance.

Quality control for automated money machines is paramount.

"As you can imagine, in the banking world it's of an even higher critical nature. The expectation there is that the product is going to work out of the box and it's going to have the features they expect it to have, 'cause it's a higher end machine," said Hillman.

The bank ATM business is highly competitive. Triton's leaders say the Long Beach company is up to the challenge.

"We're not the incumbent in this side of the market. So, we're having to break our way in. And by breaking our way in, we've got to produce a really good product that's high quality," Sholes explained.