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State College Board Suspends Five Programs At Delta State, MUW

The state College Board has suspended five academic programs, three at Delta State University and two at Mississippi University for Women.

Also Thursday, the board received a first-of-its-kind review of all programs in the state's higher education system. The report recommends that 39 of the system's 847 academic programs be placed on probation and another 17 be phased out.

The board, meeting in Jackson, also recognized two prominent black Mississippians for their roles in promoting education.

The programs suspended at DSU are master's degrees in professional accountancy and social work and a course of study in secondary education. At MUW, the programs dropped are a degree course for geriatric nurse clinicians and a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising.

The suspensions were recommended by both university presidents based on resources and demand.

The board-mandated programs review was done by its academic affairs office with cooperation from the universities.

William E. McHenry, the College Board's assistant commissioner for academic affairs, said 140 programs were targeted for further inspection, but he didn't elaborate. The board will discuss details of the report at its meeting next month.

Board members honored Ally C. Mack, executive director of the Mississippi Consortium for International Programs at Jackson State University, as Black History Month Educator of the Year. Mack was recognized for her significant contributions to advancing diversity at JSU and abroad.

The board also recognized former Mississippi Supreme Court justice and Jackson attorney Reuben Anderson for his role in the recent resolution of Mississippi's long-running college desegregation case and other contributions to the judiciary.

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