God's Katrina Kitchen To Leave Camp Avenue

It was one of the first organizations to start helping people after Hurricane Katrina. Now God's Katrina Kitchen will have to find a new place to serve people on the Coast.

Monday, leaders denied the organization's request to extend their tent permit. The organization has until  July 31st to leave the Camp Avenue property.

"We do not think that Katrina's Kitchen is suitable for our neighborhood. I implore this council to deny the request for any extension on Katrina's Kitchen and certainly not another year of the misery that's been caused to our neighbors," says David Andre, a resident of the area.

The Gulfport City Council heard the pleas, and now after nearly two years of serving the coast with home cooked meals and helping in rebuilding efforts, God's Katrina Kitchen will have to move.

"I know it was a tough decision for them. I know from their comments that they believe that we have done some good in their community," says Greg Porter.

Porter is the founder of God's Katrina Kitchen. While he didn't say much at the meeting, there were plenty of people there to support the organization.

However some blame the rise in crime on the transient population. Something Gulfport Police Chief Alan Weatherford says can't be proven.

"I cannot say that God's Katrina Kitchen was the single factor for the increase in calls for service to the area," says Weatherford.

Right now, the organization doesn't have anywhere to go, but leaders say that won't stop them from doing the work God called them to do.

God's Katrina Kitchen must move off of the Camp Avenue site by the end of the month. Leaders say they have about 200 volunteers coming in to help them move into their new home, but right now, they just don't know where that home will be.