Treasure Bay Casino Prepares For Big Debut

The countdown is on for leaders at the Treasure Bay Hotel and Casino. Monday, the casino will open its second floor gaming room.  If you were to drive by the Treasure Bay Hotel and Casino right now, you would probably see workers adding the finishing touches to the building.

"Through the last year, we've gone through phases where we had 80 machines, we added an additional 200 machines," says Kathy Santiago.

Santiago is Treasure Bay's Director of Marketing. She says the first floor now houses 300 slot machines which will stay there. But when guest move to the second floor, they will get more than 500 machines and table games, which the casino has been missing since it reopened after Hurricane Katrina.

Another addition to the casino: Art, or as leaders say, an element of design that's about more than just blinking lights.

"We wanted to be more of a style and a feeling that one gets when they come into the casino, rather than a theme.  They may come in the first time and discover the chandeliers, the plates. But as you sit at the table games you look up and you see the details in the ceiling and little features that you would not typically see as a traditional element of a casino, and you see it, it's a surprise element," Santiago said.

The casino also has two story windows, something that's far from traditional.

"We are going out on a limb and hopefully most of our casino patrons will enjoy that feature," says Santiago.

Other features include many natural elements, like water features and stacked stone. Once renovations are complete, a buffet will overlook the pool area. All are features that make one of South Mississippi's smaller casino's both new and improved.

Treasure Bay will open the doors to its second floor casino Monday at 5 p.m. Leaders say they hope to have the 9th floor fine dining restaurant and lounge complete by the Labor Day Weekend.