Fatal Accident Shows Another Side To America's Illegal Immigration Problem

The illegal immigration debate moved from Washington to South Mississippi this week. We saw an example of how an illegal immigrant slipped through our legal system undetected.

Last Sunday, there was a motorcycle accident in Gulfport that left two people dead. Raymundo Rojas Garcia faces numerous charges in connection with that accident, including felony leaving the scene of the accident.

Police say Garcia now admits to being an illegal immigrant. But, this was not Garcia's first run in with the law.

Just one week before he was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor DUI, speeding, failure to yield, not having a driver's license, and not having insurance. Garcia spent a day in jail, went to court, paid a fine for those violations and went home. He went home!

We question whether the legal process currently in place protects the public.

Gulfport Police say they ran a background check and found nothing to flag Garcia to be turned over to immigration. And at that time, Garcia did not reveal his immigration status.

Now this isn't Nazi Germany where police can stop you and say, 'Where are your papers?' But when anyone is accused of violating the law, shouldn't they be required to produce documents showing they are in our country legally?

This appears to be an example of system failure. No wonder we have an immigration problem.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager