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Wildfires Taking Toll On Fire Fighters

Although Tuesday night's fire is out, the effects of the small blaze are still around.

A seal on a water pump broke Tuesday night during a wildfire off Highway 90. Fire Fighter Greg Buckalew says the seal eventually would have gone out, but four straight days of fighting fires was a strain.

"We were patrolling this line, and it broke down right in the middle of the stuff, which is typical," Buckalew said. "Something will go wrong right when you need it the most."

This latest series of fires kept helicopter pilot Reggie Founenot in the skies over Jackson County for two more days. He was suppose to leave for Louisiana, but spent most of Tuesday night patrolling the fire line.

"It gets so dry, and people are lighting fires, and something pops out. Next thing you know, you have three or four hundred acres burning," Founenot.

Firefighters say it's hard to predict each fire season, but judging by the last week, it could be a busy spring for the area. Firefighters say a small rain shower this morning in Jackson County will only provide a little relief for dry conditions. They're preparing for more fire by the weekend.

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