Gulfport's "Partners With Police" Program Going Strong

37th Avenue and 21st Street, it's the latest stop for the Partners With Police Program. It's an opportunity for residents to meet police and talk with them one-on-one about community issues. It's also a time for the Hoslis and other neighbors to talk to police about two of their primary concerns.

"We have a lot of speeders on our street and loud music.  You can be sleeping at 12 o'clock and here comes the loud music, and it will wake you up," says Ann Hosli.

Neighbors even had some suggestions on what police could do.

"Speed bumps or stop signs," says Jerry Hosli.

"I think if they set up a patrol car they could catch a lot of speeding and loud music going on," says Richard Evans.

Police write down each concern and compile a list to discuss immediately after the meet and greet.

"You cannot wait until they're major issues and you have three or four citizens knocking on your door and saying this is a major problem in our community," says Gulfport Police Chief Alan Weatherford.

Even kids walked away with some helpful safety reminders.

"Stop, leave the area, tell an adult. Don't touch a gun or anything else," says Shakirah Freightman.

"Police are our friends they try to keep us safe," says Dasia Quine.

"You have to get out and let your citizens know that you are concerned about their well-being and that's the whole reason why we're here," says Chief Weatherford.

And the resident's that attended the meet and greet had some positive things to say.

"I've enjoyed this so maybe you know they'll help us get some of this speeding down," says Ann Hosli.

"I'm looking forward to some more action being taken on this street," says Evans.

Chief Weatherford says to help combat speeding he plans to put patrol officers and the traffic division on notice in the area.

Partners With Police meets every Thursday in neighborhoods throughout Gulfport.

You can check out the Gulfport Police website for information on where the next meeting will be.