New Move Over Law Will Protect Officers, Emergency Vehicles

Standing just a few feet from the white line you can feel the wind and pressure from vehicles passing at legal speeds. If you drive any type emergency vehicle including a tow truck, you deal with that feeling most every day.

"It's a scary feeling," says Mississippi Highway Patrol Spokesman Joe Gazzo. "You're out there and you feel an 18 wheeler drive by or a car. I've had my hat blown, off they came so close."

Luckily that's as close as Gazzo has come to being hit.

"It's a dangerous problem," says Gazzo. "We've had people across the nation killed from this type of thing."

He says most good drivers do slow down and change lanes when approaching emergency vehicles. For the bad drivers who don't, the state's new Move Over Law could cost them.

"You have a $250 fine if you just violate the law by not pulling over. But if you don't pull over and you're involved in an accident with the vehicle or a person, it's up to $1000."

The law also applies to tow trucks and highway maintenance vehicles. But Gazzo says a simple rule will keep them, and you, safe.

"Anything that's out there with a light on it, you need to move over."

Otherwise, he says, you and others could pay a cost much higher that a fine.

"Like they say, you need your space, and this gives us a little space."