Earnhardt, Huffman Visit Gulfport Seabee Base

He's one of the biggest names in the world of motor sports racing. All you have to say is number 8, and most people know exactly who you're talking about.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. stopped by the Seabee Base in Gulfport Thursday to lend a helping hand. Shane Huffman, a Busch series driver, joined Earnhart for the visit.

Earnhardt said they actually rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They moved from station to station and checked out a wide variety of operations and trainings. He said he found his visit to be a unique one.

"Normally, you get a little anticipation of what you're going to run into, but we went from cranes to trackers to fixing dry wall to putting a roof on. We were all over the place it was a lot of fun," Earnhart said.

Earnhardt just signed a five year contract with Hendrick Motorsports for the 2008 NASCAR season, replacing Kyle Busch. It's uncertain whether his prized number 8 will follow him.

Earnhardt left the base on his way to a race in Loudon, New Hampshire.