Daytime Drama Star Returns To Help Rebuild Biloxi

"This is Ms. Ethel's house," says actor Robert Newman, walking through the nearly completed house of Ethel Curry. "It was 2x4s when we started here in January."

Working with Hands On Gulf Coast, the man who plays Josh Lewis on the long running soap Guiding Light is back in Biloxi for another show of support.

"This is the stuff I've been working on," Newman says, pointing out fresh molding work in a closet. "All that's me."

And this time, he's brought the whole family.

"This is a great vacation, but air conditioning is very much appreciated," says his wife Britt. "The best part of the day is the shower."

"We talked about a vacation," says Newman. "I took a week off from the show, and this is what they wanted to do on their vacation. And even from them, that came from them watching the show that we shot when we were down here."

Ethel Curry is one of three Biloxi homeowners adopted by the show for its 70th anniversary "Find Your Light" campaign. Needless to say, she's also a big fan of the show.

"I was telling him, 'I can't believe you're here, because I just watched you on TV,'" says the starstruck Curry. "He says, 'It's funny, huh?'"

Newman says he's become a fan of hers and the many others like her who are still struggling to recover.

"Ms. Ethel, who owns this house, is just an incredible human being. Very positive, very strong and living in this trailer for almost two years now."

It's a real life daily drama that Newman and his family are proud to play another role in, and another unforgettable episode in the life of Ethel Curry.

"You see them on the TV and you say, 'I know those people.  They were at my house and we sat and talked and stuff,'" says Curry. "I get a smile on my face and I can't stop smiling."

Ms. Ethel hopes to be back in her home sometime in August.