Former Biloxi Company Is Flying High

"It is not something you see every day."

ERSHIGS Company President Tom Pilcher invited all his employees and the Grand Bay community to witness an usual sight. One by one,a helicopter lifted 25 fiberglass cans and carried them to the Bayou La Batre docks.

Max Evans is the pilot for this giant game of pick-up sticks.

"It is unique, because the stack liners, you could not take them down the road. So we were called to fly these," Evans said.

As you can imagine, the cans are extremely heavy. One can weighs more than four SUVs and stands as tall as a two story house.

"It is a very large project, a multi-million dollar project," Pilcher said.

The company's president says this is one of the largest projects since moving from Biloxi's Point Cadet. Katrina obliterated the fiberglass plant, and devastated the workforce.

"It was a total lost."

Less 90 days after the storm, ERSHIGS set up shop in Alabama. Five-year employee Randy Wilks of Gulfport followed.

"It is a mix blessing. We have a nice facility, the state of Alabama has been good us," Wilks said.

And now business is also good, once again, for the fiberglass company reaching new heights.

"This signifies what type of recovery is possible when people work together to make something happen."

The company is exporting the cans to an Indiana plant.