Moss Point Apartment Fire Leaves Forty Homeless

"We had 14 guys with four units. Three pumpers and a ladder truck," said Robert Lavinghouse, as he recalled the Tuesday morning fire at Indian Oaks Apartments.

The day after finds investigators sifting through ash and searching for clues.

"The laundry room was completely destroyed. Storage room is pretty well damaged and the apartment above has a lot of heavy smoke damage, fire damage. As do the apartments along the top," said the fire investigator.

While fire officials investigate, insurance adjusters do their own survey. Thankfully, the flames destroyed only material belongings.

"That's the only news that's important here, that everybody got out safely," said the owner of the apartment complex.

Owner Danny Santini can now concentrate on restoring the fire damaged units, getting tenants back in their homes as soon as possible.

"We have three apartments that have extreme damage. We have probably another four to six we're still evaluating that as far as electrical systems go, to make sure they're safe. Probably six to eight we'll be able to get people back in as soon as we get some fire clean up," he says.

Two air conditioning repairmen, working across the street at Moss Point High School, are being praised for their quick reaction. When they spotted the fire, they ran across the street to the apartment complex, then banged on doors and windows, alerting residents to the possible danger.

"They were the ones that were instrumental in getting everyone out, away from the building before it was really bad," said Lavinghouse.

"Everybody's safe and the rest of it is just monetary," said Santini.

The apartment complex owner praised the Red Cross. That organization provided temporary housing, food and clothing for the families displaced by the apartment fire.