Potential Home Buyers Arm Themselves With Information

The high insurance costs are just one hurdle potential home buyers in South Mississippi are facing these days.

On Monday, ReMax By the Bay teamed up with the Mississippi Home Corporation to help people find ways to buy a home, despite the obstacles.

"We lost everything in Katrina, and FEMA wouldn't help me. I wasn't eligible to get the trailer or anything, I've been stuck with my mom five people in my family, and trying to figure out what to do from here. Gotta figure out something to do," Krystal Vance said.

Katrina destroyed the Hancock County home Krystal Vance shared with her husband and three children. Living conditions have been cramped to say the least these past 21 months, but Vance hasn't given up hope.

"God's good, and He's going to give me what it takes to do what I have to do," she said.

Vance is depending on a little divine intervention -- and helpful information she gathered at the home buyer's fair -- to find a way to buy a new home.

"With the high cost of rentals and with the high cost of properties on the market today, this is an opportunity to talk to people who are here to talk to builders, who are here, to talk to modular home companies, insurance companies, and mortgage companies who want to help bring a solution to the housing crisis on the coast," said Mary St. Pierre of Re-Max By the Bay.

The Mississippi Home Corporation is state-wide. It offers a number of different programs to help potential home buyers with things such as closing costs and down payments.

"The down payment assistance program provides a three percent cash advance at a low interest rate. That interest rate is fixed for 30 years, and the current rate is 5.78, and those families that were directly effected by Katrina and live in the lower six counties," said Julie Brooks of the Mississippi Home Corporation.

Re-Max By the Bay representatives also encourage potential homeowners to shop around for home insurance, getting quotes from at least three independent companies.