Community Upset Over Restoration Plans For Historic Building

One group wants to bring an educational facility to a South Mississippi neighborhood however, the Gulfport School Board has other plans for a historic building in the Soria City Community.

What Gulfport school board leaders are planning to do with the Soria City School building has some people in the community upset.

Leaders of the Soria City Civic Organization say they're not giving up their fight to restore the historic school building.

"We just want the same and a fair opportunity in order to lease that building," says Dorothy McClendon.

McClendon is the president of the Soria City Civic organization. She says the group wants to repair the old Soria City school building and make it a center for educational training for all ages. However, school board members say the group's lack of funding and a proper proposal is leaving them with few options.

School board leaders also set the record straight about rumors heard surrounding the buildings future.

"I want to assure you that the building is not being refurbished to be sold, I do not know where that came from. And it is also not going to be used for computer repair," says superintendent Glen East.

East says the building will be used for computer inventory. But that's still not sitting well with people from the Soria City community.

"It's history to us, it's not just a building and we want to be able to bring history and education back alive to the Soria City community," McClendon said.

Gulfport school leaders say they want to work with the Soria City Civic Organization, however they have to get a proposal to them quickly and it must outline plans for funding.

Leaders in the group hope to have the proposal finalized by the end of the week.