Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association Wraps Up Three-Day Convention

The Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association's bi-annual convention brought more than 170 veterinarians from across the state to the coast. veterinarians Among the group was Dr. Edwin Nordan, he came down from Greenville, Mississippi.

"I enjoyed learning some things about anesthesia techniques, some of the medications and some of the newer things for pain management that's getting to be a very important thing in veterinary medicine.   We don't want our patients to be in pain anymore than human doctors do," says Nordan.

"We try to make sure we're covering a broad variety of subjects the whole time," says Nancy Christiansen, event organizer.

For three days, veterinarians learned information specific to large and small animals.  Speakers covered topics from anesthesia and pain management to reproduction in large animals.

Dr. David Christiansen is a professor at Mississippi State University and former practicing veterinarian. Christiansen says people aren't aware of how much MSU is doing to advance veterinary medicine at its veterinary school.

"We can freeze embryos, and we can also take embryos from mares and ship them to other parts of the country where they can be put in a recipient or surrogate mom.  It's just like the things you see in humans with the surrogate moms except they don't get in legal fights over who owns them.  We do lots of things that maybe people aren't aware of," says Dr. Christiansen.

Organizers say not only are they committed to helping veterinarians get the knowledge they need, their also committed to helping the host city on its road to recovery.

"We made a commitment.  We wanted to come down here and spend our money on the Mississippi Gulf Coast," says Nancy Christiansen.

Additional Info:

The MVMA started a disaster relief fund the day after Katrina. It raised $200,000 dollars to get relief for veterinarians, shelters and pet owners after the storm. The organization says it's also set up a fund for emergency preparedness in the event of future disasters.