Scrapin' the Coast Draws Thousands

On Saturday night, they were racing down the Gulfport Dragway, but earlier in the day, the unique cars of Scrapin' the Coast were on display at the Coast Coliseum. People from all walks of life were at the event, but they all have a common bond, they love these vehicles many consider eye candy.

By day, Dr. Norm Chouinard is a cosmetic dentist in Gulfport. In his spare time, he works on the veneer of his exotic American car.

"It's a twin turbo Viper GTS, and it's kind of my playtoy, my reward to myself, if you will, and I get it out every once in a while, and this is one of the first events of the summer," said Dr. Norm Chouinard.

Norm has fixed up a number of cars over the years and put them on display since Scrapin' the Coast started five years ago. He fielded a few questions at this year's event, but pretty much just let people walk by in admiration.

The afternoon burnout drew quite a crowd. It's one of many events that make up Scrapin' the Coast.

"It's about getting together, having a good time, I mean you look at all the people. You have the burn out competition going on, people having a good time, enjoying themselves," said Eric Kendrick, Scrapin' the Coast Founder and Organizer.

People from California to New York are turning out to show off their street rods, low riders, and at least one ride at this year's event brings a new definition to riding in style.

"If you've got a car, we've got a class for iti," Kendrick said.

Organizers say about 1,600 cars are registered so far for this year's event. That's compared to 1,000 cars at last year's event, and organizers expect Scrapin' to just keep getting bigger every year.

"Hopefully, we're looking for that major sponsor that wants to come out and take over the show for us, you know. I mean, we have to have that one big key person that's going to put us over the top. We want to bring out more top acts, you know, big bands," Kendrick said.

Among those in the crowd was Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway.

The event will continue at the Coast Coliseum Sunday.

Doors open at 8 a.m. and the show will go on until noon.