BEAMS- A Gulfport Ministry Celebrates A Milestone

When Dr. Rene Freret stepped in to lead the Bible Education and Missionary Service or BEAMS, it was sending 25 bibles a month to missionaries in 3 countries.

"God has so blessed us, the ministry, that today here in Gulfport, Mississippi, we're shipping out over 10,000 bibles a month to 1700 missionaries in 117 countries.  It's awesome what God has done," says Dr. Rene Freret.

For the past ten years, with the help of Baptist churches across the nation, BEAMS has shipped out about 450,000 bibles in 23 languages free of charge. BEAMS says people across the world have helped change lives by sending seven dollars a month to help buy hardcover King James Version bibles.

The group says its grateful for what God has allowed it to do and for sending Dr. Freret to help guide the ministry.

"Dr. Ferret is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person who loves God and is always there when someone needs him," says Mike Mizell, BEAMS, Missions Coordinator.

Like her husband, Freret's wife of 40 years says she's just as committed to helping the ministry grow.

"When the Lord calls you to do something and you're in His will, He causes you to enjoy what you're doing for Him," says Freda Freret.

For their decade of selfless service, BEAMS honored the two with a plaque and flowers.

"It's been one of the greatest thrills of my life.  It's just exciting to see what God has done, and I can't think of any other thing I'd rather be doing than helping people have bibles all over the world," says Dr. Freret.

BEAMS is raising money to build a new warehouse for the thousands of bibles it sends out. Iyou would like to help with its bible ministry or building fund you can contact them at:

P.O Box 10200 Gulfport, Mississippi 39505

(228) 832-1096 or at