Big Changes Coming To Edgewater Bay Development Plans

WLOX News has learned a new plan is in the works that would bring up to 500 homes to the golf course land on Pass Road, not the 170 that the Biloxi city council was supposed to debate tomorrow.

Edgewater Bay owner Barbara Stewart told WLOX News Monday night that the land will be developed, but it won't be the high-end, waterfront estate project the Vey group had proposed. Now a new plan will be submitted that does not ask for any zoning variances.

Barbara Stewart told us, "We made a serious good faith effort to bring something good to the city, and we just did not get the cooperation we needed. We had submitted a beautiful development plan. The new plan will conform to all of the zoning ordinances... we'll avail ourselves of the R-3-A zoning."

R-3-A zoning allows for "high density" development. That means developers can build more units per square feet, about 500 homes and/or condos in this case.

Biloxi City Councilman Tom Wall represents the Edgewater Bay area. He told us, "It's sour grapes. What Mrs. Stewart is trying to do is threaten the city because we had some restrictions on what she wanted to do. I think we can work with her if she's willing to work with us."

Leo Burton, President of the Edgewater Bay Property Owners Association agreed with Wall saying, "I'm sorry about the tone Stewart takes. To threaten residents is silly but I'd still like to work with her. She brings new development in and brings no compromises. If she brings compromises, I think we can work with her."

Barbara Stewart couldn't say when the new Edgewater development plan will be submitted or whether it will be homes, condos or some combination.