Nebraska Teens Bring Life To St. Andrews Community Park

As the South Mississippi heat bears down on the Nebraska teens, the work goes on.

"Kids need somewhere to play," volunteer Anne Matzen said.

That's why these volunteers traveled hundreds of miles. They're turning a piece of muddy land into a fun and exciting place for children to play in St. Andrews.

"We have some playground equipment and exercise equipment coming into this area, so this will be a very nice park when we complete it," Jackson County Supervisor John McKay said.

And thanks to the extra manpower, McKay says the park is now ahead of schedule.

"You expect young people to come and goof off, but they have worked the full time they have been out here."

Matzen and the other volunteers have stayed busy since first stepping foot on the coast.

"The first day we picked up and laid the frame out for the track. And the second day, we built the track," Matzen said. "It is looking a lot better than the first day we got here. It looks like a fun place to play. Once they get the playground equipment, it is going to a lot nicer."

Supervisor McKay says the dedication and volunteer hours of the Nebraska teens will have a lasting impact on St. Andrews Community Park.

"We have good people that want to work and donate their time, and donate their efforts, to help us recover and not getting anything but 'thank you.'"

Supervisor McKay says the park should be completed by the end of the year.