Gulfport Should Not Put Beautification Above Safety

Why is Gulfport's beachfront still in the dark?

We've heard the mayor's explanation. He wants a "finer product" used to light Highway 90. His plan is to use an ornamental, iron fluted light product to beautify his city.

The concept is great, but the time it's taking to buy those lights is inexcusable. Think about it. In 20 months, MDOT built a new bridge over St. Louis Bay. Yet in that same period of time, Gulfport couldn't buy and erect new lights. To us, that just seems odd.

Street lights provide safety. And that should be Gulfport's overriding concern right now.

Mayor Warr understands the frustration. He admits he's a bit miffed the Highway 90 replacement lights project is taking so long.

However, he considers the lights an economic development issue that portray a city's image. So, he's not backing down from his plans to buy really nice lights.

But we ask, just how long do we put beautification and economic development above our residents' safety?

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager