Gasoline Leak Stalls Traffic In Long Beach

Police closed Highway 90 in both directions around 10:15 a.m. Saturday after gas started leaking from the tanker truck parked at the Texaco Fast Lane on Highway 90. Fire officials feared the gas could ignite.

Firefighters evacuated gas station employees and people in a nearby apartment complex. Then, they had to wait for the Department of Environmental Quality to send a cleaning crew from New Orleans.

"Being right here on the beach, the fuel flowed into the sewer system here and as you can see over there, it's working its way out into the gulf and so we've had to contain it there also," Long Beach Fire Department Battalion Chief Eddie McCann said.

A New Orleans Coast Guard unit was called to soak up the gas in the gulf. Fire officials identified the company that owns the tanker truck as Clyburn Tankline Transportation. Officials say the company will be charged for the cleanup.