Volunteer Carpenters From North Carolina Return To Build A Church In One Week

You have to live a pretty long time to witness a second coming like this.

"I've been in that church all my life," says John Giveans of Pearlington.

Giveans was just a boy when fire claimed the original Pearlington United Methodist Church in 1930, and he was there when Katrina claimed the second one in 2005. So not rebuilding was never an option for him.

"We could have done it. But this is a blessing. We wouldn't have done it in 7 days."

For the next week he's claiming a shady spot to watch Meshach's Carpenters perform their own version of miracle.

"You just don't know," says Giveans. "There's no words for it. And these people are more of a blessing than anybody. They come here on their own and even paid their way to come here."

After doing the same thing at Claremont Harbor United Methodist Church last year, the non denominational faith based group from North Carolina is back to rebuild Pearlington.

"We looked at it as an honor, that we came and built one and that they had enough faith in us that they asked us to come back and build another," says Team Leader Charlie Fields.

They bring their own supplies and building material, set up camp, and work 24 hours a day to finish on time. But the despite the rush, every trip brings it own special moments to remember.

"Today is fathers day and all these guys out here most of them have kids at home," says Fields. "But they're down here building this church.. So it's our day but what better fathers day than to build our real fathers house.

A worthy sacrifice that John Giveans says will never be forgotten.

"Thrilled ain't the word for it. We could never pay them back, I mean for what they've done."