Rescue Worker Says: Don't Call Him A Hero

It's been four days since the accident at the Bay St. Louis bridge claimed the lives of two construction workers and injured several others. Dozens of rescuers were called to the scene on Thursday. However, one firefighter says he's anything but a hero.

Lamar Frederick is no stranger to emergency rescue. He's been with the West Harrison County Fire Department for almost 13 years.

"Me and three other guys from Pass Christian actually went out on a boat, got transferred over to DMR and when we were there we got there where the actual crew had fell in and they said he was up under it," says Fredericks.

The volunteer firefighter is now the assistant chief with the West Harrison County Fire Department and he says he's seen it all. However, he wasn't prepared for what he thought Thursday's job would require.

"I have no water training just a little but it's not enough to do an outstanding job at that point," says Fredericks.

While Fredericks remains modest, he was one of the 50 people who responded to the scene after nine construction workers were thrown into the water when scaffolding collapsed at the bridge. When rescue became recovery, Fredericks made sure that dive teams had enough oxygen to do their jobs.

"There's nothing much you can do at that point but just stand there and wait for the experienced people to go in and do their job especially when someone is trapped in the water like that," Fredericks said.

Now that rescue and recovery efforts are over, Fredericks says he knows that the team of people working to save lives did everything that they could and that makes him proud to be a firefighter.