Gulfport High Class Goes Back In Time

History students at Gulfport High took a field trip down the street today. They visited with a man who enjoys collecting antique cars. John Roberts lives just a few blocks from the school and was more than willing to share both his vintage cars and his considerable knowledge about automobile history.

The real production of Model "T" Fords commenced in 1908, and went through 1927. History students at Gulfport High learned quickly that John Roberts has a passion for vintage cars. Like his 1917 Model "T". The teens enjoyed a close up look at Roberts' classic collection.

The owner not only allowed a hands on experience, he encouraged it. The students have been studying the early 1900's. The field trip helped bring the lesson to life. "One of our other teachers had the idea of trying to get in touch with some of the people who have antique cars on the coast. So our principal gave us Mr. John Roberts name. So I called him and set this up. And the kids are loving it!" said Joanie Henckell, a Gulfport High history teacher.

The teens not only learned about the 1900's, but found out how technology has changed over the years. John Roberts encouraged the students to learn more by reading. He's loaned the high school ten books about automobile history and classic car collecting.