A Special Father's Day Gift For One Coast Man

On the eve of Father's Day...a Coast man has gotten a very special jump-start to the holiday. It's what he describes as a new beginning...a new lease on life after loosing everything to Katrina.

"This is all that was left of the Magee home after Hurricane Katrina. We had nine feet of water at our house and we lost everything," says Sondra Magee. She says her family lost everything EXCEPT their drive to bounce back. "Everybody wanted to leave. Nobody wanted to rebuild and I just wanted to be different... I knew that the casinos that were here, the revenue that was here. There were going to be jobs and I knew people were going to have money eventually. It was just a hard time for everybody," says Villiman Magee.  A hard time for everybody... 'including' the Magee family... but patience and determination has Villiman Magee celebrating this father's day weekend.

After enduring nearly two years in a FEMA trailor, the Magees will soon move into their new home..but that's not the only thing fueling this father's drive. He's also celebrating the grand opening of his new spa. "People needed something different to really help them find themselves and it's something that nobody ever thought that I would do," says Villiman. But he did... Exceeding everyone's expectations. While Villiman is excited about the spa, it's his drive for new endeavors that he wants his son to always remember. "You still have to let the kids know that they can refine what's around them and that they don't have to depend on others. They can have something to give to other people and still make a living off of that," says Villiman. It's that kind of energy that sets this father apart from all the rest. "He's got a good heart. He helps all the kids in the neighborhood. He will help anybody with anything," says James Lee, family member.

Villiaman's Relaxtion Center is located on Pass Road, next door to Classy Chassis.