"Operation Heatstroke" Sweeps Through Moss Point

Narcotics Agents say there's no sunscreen that will protect suspected criminals from the bright blue lights of Operation Heatstroke.

"We're trying to not let the criminals run free. If they're committing crimes, they're gonna go to jail," Chad Heck, Assistant Commander of the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County said.

The operation more than quadrupled the number of officers on Moss Point's streets and in the sky.  The extra heat sent 26 people to jail, and 30 more went packing with tickets.

"You had that in your pocket?" one suspected criminal asked her passenger.

That, plus much more: pills, guns, marijuana, even prescription cough syrup in disguise.

"He actually had a cup of it he was drinking during the pursuit," Task Force Commander Curtis Spiers said.

Officers are currently using routine traffic stops and suspicious activity calls to fuel the operation. But with your help, they can continue to heat up their efforts to shut down Jackson County crime.

"That small tip may be the domino that gets that chain of dominos falling that gives us what we need to break open a case," Spiers said.

Agents vow to heat up the streets all summer long.

"Every city's going to get a dose of Operation Heatstroke. Criminals are never going to know we're going to be out, and we're going to hit it twice as hard," Heck said.

A message they hope will give suspected criminals a reason to sweat.

Commander Spiers says since Operations like this one began about six months ago, they've seen a significant drop in felony arrests. You can help the Task Force, by calling with tips at (228) 769-3302.