Pt. Cadet Marina Repairs Could Happen Sooner Than Expected

We have a follow up on a story we told you about earlier this week. On Monday, WLOX News spoke with charter boat owners at the Point Cadet Marina who want to know when repairs will be made to marinas in the city of Biloxi.

Wednesday, Biloxi Port Manager Frankie Duggan told us boat owners will see changes sooner than they think.

"We are still about a month or two away from finishing up Point Cadet Marina, trying to get it though MEMA and FEMA because they are going to pay for it, so we have to have their approval to get it done. We're looking forward to it, we are excited and down to the wire, and we probably want to get it done faster than the boat owners do," Duggan said.

Duggan says that a contract for debris removal was awarded this week and clean-up should begin no later than early next week. He also says that bids for the small craft harbor are almost complete and will go out in about 10 days.