God's Katrina Kitchen Expands Mission

They are known for serving hot meals to those in need. But leaders at God's Katrina Kitchen want people to know that they are more than a soup kitchen.

James Giles is the Camp Director for God's Katrina Kitchen.

"Originally when the kitchen was started, its primary focus was reaching out to those who had been devastated by the storm. And majority of that was done through feeding people as they were getting back to the areas and getting established in their FEMA trailers," says Giles.

He says the organization is expanding its mission beyond the big tent.

"Now we've moved into the second phase. Our main priority is focusing on volunteer teams that are coming in from all over the country," say Giles.

Phillip Miles traveled from Canada to become a volunteer.

"I was just on a personal journey and this is just one of the places that I ended up," says Miles.

Miles is now one of the team coordinators who's helping rebuild South Mississippi homes. Workers have also painted homes, repaired roofs and picked up trash along 41st street in Gulfport, and there's much more to do.

"We currently have about 15 projects on the go at different stages of rebuilding. We have another 300 that are waiting," says Miles.

Leaders say their purpose for extending the mission of God's Katrina Kitchen is twofold. They want to help people in South Mississippi get back to a sense of normality, but they want volunteers to continue their giving spirit in their own communities.

If you have home that needs minor repairs and you would like God's Katrina Kitchen to help, you can call (228) 214-4270.