Couple Heading Salvation Army's Disaster Command Face New Assignment

For the past 21 months, Major Janine Vincent and her husband Major Rob Vincent have headed up the Salvation Army's Disaster Recovery Command. Both have vivid memories of the time they uprooted their family of four and came to the aid of Hurricane Katrina survivors.

"I remember seeing people sitting on what was the foundation of a home or on empty stairs," says Rob. "It was just the overwhelming magnitude of what had happened."

"The thing that surprised us most was the hope that the people had," says Janine. "It was really shocking to me that they had so much hope."

Working side by side under such extreme circumstances would test any marriage.

"Separate offices are good," says Janine laughing. "A wall between is good."

These two have been on a mission to bring help and healing to the people of South Mississippi.

"We built a volunteer village here that has housed over 880 teams of volunteers that have come to the Gulf Coast," says Rob. "It's making a difference. It's small, but it's making a difference."

But now they're preparing to leave this village, where they've lived and worked since October of 2005, to become Area Commanders in Nashville, Tennessee.

"I'm going to take a picture of our porta-potty out here and hang it on my bathroom wall," says Janine. "I won't miss that."

But they will miss the staff they've built and the people they've helped during the most unforgettable period of their service to the Salvation Army's never ending mission.

"There's hope in Jesus Christ and that's our message," says Rob, choking back tears. "That's why we do what we do. We do what we do because we love God."

The Salvation Army staff will hold a farewell gathering honoring the Vincent family next Monday night at the IP Casino and Resort.