Charter Boat Owners Say Damaged Marina Is Not Helping Business

The Point Cadet Marina is home to dozens of charter boat businesses. But with the Biloxi marina in desperate need of repair, local residents renting slips want to know when the city plans to do the work.

Captain Kenny Barhanovich normally runs four, six and eight hour trips from his charter boat. However, since Katrina, he would be happy to get at least half the business he once had.

"Most of our trips is done with out of town people. We get a few local groups with the power companies and stuff like that. But most of it's out of town," says Barhanovich.

Barhanovich says the lack of progress to Biloxi's marina life isn't helping his business.

The loss of electricity was just one of the issues that made the boaters decide to organize the Point Cadet Tenants Association.

"We ran our own power down here at this dock and thank God that we have a dock to tie it to. They're supposed to be letting out contracts, they tell us that, to start fixing the docks up. And I hope they do because this is the only marina in town," Barhanovich said.

Just months ago, Biloxi Port Manager Frankie Duggan told WLOX that the city was in the process of advertising for bids and construction was expected to begin by the spring. Now that summer is approaching, boaters say Point Cadet rebuilding is at standstill.

"They keep telling us the same thing, it's all waiting for bids to come in. There's a lot of work here to do. Even the Biloxi Harbor, there is a lot of work there to do," says Barhanovich.

So until the marina gets back to normal, this captain says he plans to wait it out and hope for the best.