Seafood Museum Trying To Move To Tullis

On Tuesday, we should find out if the Biloxi City Council favors the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum's relocation plans. The city council will debate a plan to lease the old Tullis property to the museum.

For two decades, the seafood museum sat at the foot of Point Cadet. But like so many other waterfront buildings, it got destroyed during Katrina. So this summer, the annual sea and sail camp is being held under a tent, and in trailers on the Point Cadet property. Board members would like to move camp, and their museum a couple of blocks west of there.

Native Americans actually had the first exhibit ever displayed at the Biloxi Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum. That's why a man named Grayhawk is always part of the museum's summer camp program.

"Our history and heritage is so important," museum director Robin Krohn David said.

Katrina wiped out the Point Cadet museum's home. But it spared the schooner pier. So the museum's board of directors came up with a plan to relocate their complex directly across from the docks. That would put it next door to the future Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art.

"It would just be a win-win situation there," the museum director thought.

However, Biloxi's mayor still isn't sold on the seafood museum's move.

"I think it's prudent that we take our time before we make rash decisions," A.J. Holloway said.

On Tuesday, the Biloxi City Council will consider a resolution that gives the seafood museum a ground lease to anchor its new facility on the Tullis property behind me. That resolution also says that insurance proceeds and FEMA money collected by Biloxi would help pay for the move.

"That's an awful lot to ask for what the seafood museum is asking of the city council and myself," the mayor said.

The museum's director thinks she has enough council support to get the new facility built at the Tullis location.

"Let's make it happen tomorrow, and vote by putting us at the Tullis Manor site and let us move forward telling our story again of 300 years of history and heritage," Krohn David said.

If the council votes in favor of the move, Mayor Holloways says, "I would probably veto it."

Mayor Holloway thinks the seafood museum should either find a spot on the Ohr O'Keefe property to relocate. Or it should be rebuilt at its pre-Katrina home.

Museum board members say Point Cadet is their second choice. However, they strongly favor the Tullis Toledano property.