Saucier Family Sees Hurricane Damaged Home Damaged Again By Storm

Deonna Hester inspects the progress volunteers have made in repairing her families hurricane damaged home in Saucier.

They were going to replace the floors, says Hester. "They came out and started on two rooms, and hung sheetrock and all, and they were supposed to start tearing the floors out and reflooring the rest of it and then we pretty much could have moved back in."

But a violent spring storm changed all that.

"It started hailing and the trees just separated and all of a sudden that came down," says Hester.  "And the camper was rocking."

Now a large oak tree rests on the Hester's new roof, paid for with money from FEMA.

"We were unable to get this insured because is wasn't completed so this is not covered."

And what's worse, the small travel trailer that's served as home, thanks to a donation from her mothers employer, is about to be gone.

"By June 30th," says Hester. "I got a letter stating the deadline a few days ago."

So now, with neither the time or the money to repair their home, Hester wonders what will become of her family, who've endured more than their share of weather related heartache.

"It's bad when you have three children and you're wondering what you're going to do. I mean we were this close to getting back into our house and now this happens. I just don't know what we're going to do now."