Church Teaches Lessons Of Seed Planting

Almost two years after Katrina, volunteers are still helping daily to rebuild South Mississippi. Now, one Ocean Springs church is taking that volunteer spirit to Kansas to give back to another community trying to rebuild after their own tragedy.

For whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap is a biblical scripture from the book of Galatians. A message pastor Bond wants his church to remember.

"To plant the seeds of the word of God and to allow different ministries of the church to minister. It's just a privilege. If we count things as a privilege instead of a job, it would be so much better, says Pastor Bond.

Pastor Bond says the scripture is relevant to the church's latest mission.

"We were standing outside and just talking about it and we said why don't we get a trip together and it just kind of snow balled from there," says Seth Bond.

Seth Bond is just one part of the large youth group at Bethel Hill Baptist Church. The group teamed up with Antioch Baptist Church in Vancleave to spend part of their summer vacation helping people affected by the tornado in Greensboro, Kansas.

"We saw the pictures up here and it just looked so much like it did down here after the hurricane and they were still without power and they for sure needed help up there," says Seth Bond.

To raise money for the trip, the church will have a community fundraiser that's open to everyone. There will be seafood and live music.

"We've been blessed and I guess there's no sense in us hording it all. And we can just tell everybody how good God has been to us," says Trent Wilkerson, another member of the church's youth group.

He plans on giving a testimony that will make church leaders proud.

"The world has so many negative things to offer and it just brings me to tears to think that these kids want to do with the church, they want to serve the Lord," says Kenny Ray Wilkerson, youth director for Bethel Hill.

The youth group at Bethel Hill Baptist Church is planning to leave for Kansas later this month. But they're still raising funds for the trip. If you would like to make a donation, you can call the church at 669-7276.