Operation TLC Is Helping The Coast Build Back Green In Its 100 Homes In 100 Days Mission

It's day 72 of its 100 homes in100 days mission and Operation TLC says it has a new ally as it helps the coast build back by its July 3rd deadline. Thanks to the Salvation Army, Wal-Mart and Kilz Paint, the group will repaint homes it rebuilds with a more environmentally-friendly paint.

"All these homes will get a paint that is superior air quality so you won't have the paint. You won't have the fumes. You won't have the organic compounds," says Keith Canfield, Project Coordinator.

The primer, interior and exterior paint contain low VOC's or low volatile organic compounds.

"It's also mildew and mold resistant," says Canfield.

Volunteers from the community and the Ocean Springs Wal-Mart pitched in to help paint, as did a church group from Iowa. The House Supervisor, John Castillo, says the new environmentally-friendly paint, also referred to as green paint, has gone over well with the volunteers.

"I've had some volunteers work with some paints where they've been allergic to them.  So far, I haven't heard anyone complain about the paint today and we surely got enough on all of us," says Castillo.

"They've worked very long hours, very hot, long jobs, but they've taken pride in the work they've done here so far," says Steve Elder of Keokuk Iowa, First Christian Church Disciples of Christ.

"The rebuilding process gives Mississippi the opportunity to turn environmentally friendly and green, so there is a bit of a silver lining to rebuilding," says Canfield.

Castillo says as volunteers help build back a more green coast, they're sure to leave with two thoughts.

"One, I think you'll walk away with a wonderful experience.  Two, I think you'll walk away knowing that you've done a good, hard day's work.

The Bell Family, the owners of the home, should be able to move within the next three weeks.

You can call Operation TLC community outreach and volunteer center at (228) 712-2669.