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Massive Clean Up Begins As Mardi Gras Ends

Just one look at all the trash Mardi Gras revelers left behind is enough to know that cleaning up the mess is a monumental task.

"Beer bottles, cans, articles of clothing, charcoal grills, busted ice chests, cans, cups - you name it, it's out here."

"It looked like there'd been a hurricane or something really."

At 7 a.m. on Wednesday, crews hit the streets, sidewalks and just about every spot in downtown Biloxi picking up tons of trash.

"It was about the same as last year, but it's scattered out more than last year," Public Works Superintendent Clem Gillikin said.

Nearby, another crew broke down the barricades.

"We put out 1,000 barricades in 8 hours, so you figure it takes awhile to get them out," Joey Miller said.

Bombay Restaurant employee Alan Hazel expects it could take all day to get rid of all the debris in the parking lot. That's why he got a jump start on the clean-up duties.

"I started last night after the Mardi Gras parades, after the last parade ended, and went around the picking up all the cans and bottles, and worked till late midnight," Hazel said.

Soon, the physical reminders of Mardi Gras 2002 will be gone. But, the memories of the big bash will last for quite a while.

Harrison County Sand Beach is also helping with the clean-up in Biloxi. Crews will return Thursday morning, to finish cleaning up Highway 90 and the beach.

By the way, Biloxi collected about 20 truck loads of garbage on Wednesday. Crews in Gulfport collected about six truck loads of trash there as well.

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