Owners Of A Jackson County Cemetery Say Dumpsite Causes A Big Mess

"I am so mad that it is not even funny."

Sherry Moody says a visit to Serene Memorial Garden Cemetery is even more stressful now that a dumpsite is in view.

"Garbage being blown across the fence, having to bat flies away, the whole time you are trying to put flowers on the grave. I have a major problem with this dump being next door," Jackson County Resident Sherry Moody said.

That site belongs to Mac McInnis, he says before the storm, MacLand Disposal Site on Hwy. 613 had a more than 300 feet long fence to help cover the landfill, then came Katrina.

"Of course the storm blew down," Site Owner Mac McInnis said.

County officials say McInnis is only required to build a 8 foot high 150 foot long fence, and after the storm that's just what he did.

"We put a eight  foot down there, and instead of having a fence, we put about 28 to 30 feet of dirty in behind it, that will in turn help screen it," McInnis said.

But Cemetery Owner Billy Daniel says dirt, trackers, and debris, is not a good combination for his business.

" Very aggravating, but more aggravating to our customers they have their love ones buried here," Cemetery Owner Billy Daniel said.

Now Daniel and Moody say they are calling on McInnis to better camouflage the facility and for Jackson officials to change the zoning ordinance.

"Build that fence high enough so we can not see all that junk and things, not a short fences but all the way down the property," Daniel said.

"I would like to have some trees planted,"Moody said.

McInnis says although he has not violated laws, he is willing to find some common ground to resolve the matter, but it will take time.

"I would be glad to extend the fence down and put it back,"McInnis said.

"I do not see how you can put up a 40 foot fence there, but what our plans are to cover it with dirt and seeded and plant it and make it a green hill that will hopefully be done this summer. We want to be good neighbor." McInnis said.

Jackson County Public Relations Representative Ken Flanagan told WLOX that in response to citizen concerns about the MacLand site, the Board of Supervisors scheduled time at its next meeting on Monday, June 11th  to listen to their concerns in greater detail.