Gulfport Council Denies Realtex Property Again

Realtex developers are set to build in D'Iberville and Pascagoula but they are having a hard time getting approval from the Gulfport council when it comes to building Sandstone Villas off of Dedeaux Road. Wednesday, that fight didn't get any easier.

Some Gulfport residents don't want the Texas company Realtex to build in the city of Gulfport, at least not on East Dedeaux Road and city council agrees.

For the second time, council members denied the company's appeal to build Sandstone Villas. A decision that brings relief to some people in the community.

"We live down below this property in the wetlands. We know that the water is going to run right through our property with the water with no where to go but through our property," says Linda Huggard.

Huggard's family has lived on East Dedeaux Road for more than a century. And while she thinks affordable housing is needed, she still has some questions.

"Anybody can rehearse a few lines and it all sounds good but they've never told us exactly what they were going to do all we hear is an 'if, and, maybe, possibly' and we would like to know more than that," says Huggard.

Neighbors are concerned about drainage, more children being drawn to nearby Fritz creek and the narrow street that hundreds of families would have to share. Concerns that Reltex developers say they've considered.

However, while developers may have a plan, right now they can't move forward with building Sandstone Villas.

Reltex Corporation won't know until July whether or not they will get final approval for the tax credit development. Until then, leaders say they will keep pushing to build the property in Gulfport.