Salvation Army Goes Green With Delivery Of Recovery Supplies

Six tractor trailer loads of Kilz brand paint roll into the Salvation Army's Biloxi Warehouse.   Awaiting the delivery are representatives from wide variety or relief organizations working to rebuild homes on the 6 county service area.

"There's about 48 different organizations that the army's been working with since we started back in May of last year," says Major Rob Vincent, commander of the South Mississippi Area. "What we're doing here is we're providing some more of those resources and this time we're focusing on that opportunity to go green."

The mold resistant paint and energy saving light bulbs are part of the Salvation Army's Going Green campaign in partnership with Walmart and Mississippi Power.

"Some 800 projects are going out today," say Walmart Good Works Manager Demp Bell. "They'll be working with this paint today, painting. Some will go in the warehouse, but these bulbs and paint will be going out to peoples homes today that they're working with."

As fast as the trucks are unloaded the volunteers line up to receive their share of the more than 400 thousand donation.   Jim Williamson with Lutheran Disaster Response is working on homes in Jackson County. He says donations of supplies like these are the life blood of the rebuilding effort, and the environmentally friendly aspect of these supplies make it even better for struggling homeowners.

"Because of the mold and different things the Kilzs is a real good stuff," says Williamson. "And we use a lot of it. This will save a lot of money that we can use to buy other materials."

Leaving the people they're helping breathing easier and saving more money, thanks to the Salvation Army Going Green.

by Don Culpepper