Biloxi Morning Parade Kicks Off Fat Tuesday Fun

On the reviewing stand, Queen Ixolib had one of the prime seats on the parade route. Having fun is the only duty Sara Dees must fulfill as she reigned over the Gulf Coast Carnival Association's morning parade through downtown Biloxi.

Like thousands of others she has one request from those riding atop the floats.

"Throw me something!"

The parade came to a stop just long enough for the royal toast. Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway wished them a long reign of health and prosperity.

Sarah says the crowds, the music, the beads and everything about Mardi Gras is a dream come true.

"It's more than I could ever imagine," Queen Ixolib Sara Dees said. "It's just like a fairy tale, awesome. I've been having a great time and can't believe it."

The parade ended much too soon for her, but she has another one to look forward to, the Biloxi night parade. Sara will be watch that one from on top of a float.

"That's my favorite part, riding in the parade!"