New Commander Takes Over NOOC At Stennis

The Naval Oceanography Operations Command (NOOC) at Stennis is under new leadership. Capt. Robert Kiser assumed command on June 1st, replacing Capt. David Titley. Kiser had previously served as the NOOC's deputy commander.

NOOC manages the warfighter-connected operations of the Stennis-based Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NMOC). Titley said that NOOC sailors have become a part of the Navy's operations process, no longer standing on the sidelines.

NOOC, established in 2006, has about 900 sailors worldwide advising Navy operations on the impact of ocean and atmospheric conditions in every theater and for every operation.

Rear Adm. Timothy McGee, NMOC commander, said that NOOC has succeeded because of its leadership.

"Leadership, when it is done right, sparkles," he said.

Titley has been selected to replace McGee as the commander of NMOC and will be promoted to rear admiral pending Senate confirmation of his nomination by the Navy.