Stolen Goods Ring Busted

Lucedale police say three people are in custody, accused of taking part in a scheme to return stolen merchandise for cash. Police Chief Glenn Veil said Tuesday that Christopher D. Gilmore, 26, Kristin K. Senseney, 18, and Gilmore's mother, Shelia J. Christopher, all of George County, were held at the Lucedale City Jail in lieu of bonds ranging from $1,500 to $2,500.

Veil said the three are charged with grand larceny. The suspects were arrested after police were notified this past Friday that a woman was attempting to return items to a business that had not been purchased at that business.

Officers said the items in question had been stolen. ``The investigation has determined that the three have been doing this for a period of three weeks, hitting businesses both in the county and the city,'' Veil said.