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Beau Rivage Seeks Installment Plan

Harrison County supervisors will allow Beau Rivage to pay its 8.3 million dollar property tax bill in installments rather than in one lump sum. The Beau Rivage will pay half of its taxes, or 4 million dollars, by February 1st. It must pay 25 percent more by May 1st, and the final 25 percent by July 1st.

County officials say the Beau Rivage will end up paying 12 percent interest on the balance because it is not paying all at once. Earlier this year, the Beau Rivage contested the amount of property taxes the county said it owes. The casino's tax lawsuit is pending. The Beau Rivage is not the only one taking advantage of paying its tax bill in installments.

Supervisors were shocked to learn that more than 150 people or businesses each year are granted the same type of treatment. Tax Collector David LaRosa says that the State Auditor's Office told him that supervisors passed a general order several years ago that allowed the tax collector to accept property taxes in installments.

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