Home Expo Showcases Cutting Edge Hurricane-Resistant Technology

More than 100 vendors set out this weekend to make believers out of thousands of homeowners by equipping them with the knowledge and products to prepare for the next big storm.

"The best way to be prepared is to build a good house to start with," Frank Smith with Real Steel said.

"Real Steel Homes" uses 18 gauge steel when they build. They say it's the heaviest in the industry, the kind you would see in industrial buildings.

"Our homes are strapped down from foundation to foundation, all the way across the house," Real Steel representative Chris Blanchard said.

"It may bend a little but it isn't going to blow away," Smith said.

And for insulating your home, "Energy Control" has you covered. They claim their insulation will lower electric bills, block sound, prevent mold and mildew, and even withstand Katrina-strength storms.

"All the homes we looked at after Hurricane Katrina came through, our product was in place whether it was under the home, exposed, it just dried out and was still in place. It was perfect," Phillip Cox with Energy Control said.

One of the most unique products is called "Eye of the Storm." It's a hurricane resistant video camera that serves as your home's black box during the storm.

"Once the hurricane comes and goes, you can come back in, pull the tape, take it to your insurance company, and try to settle your claim that way," World Class, Inc. representative Darrell Jones said.

The $5,000 dollar camera system will record seven days without electricity, through any conditions.

"We have viewing via the internet, so wherever you go to take refuge during the storm, you can pull up your own camera," Jones said.

There are plenty of options, as some people prepare for what forecasters are calling a very active season.

Organizers say attendance at this year's expo was lower than expected. But they say it gave vendors a chance to spend more one-on-one time with individual customers.