St. Paul's Seafood Festival Raising Money for New School

For more than three decades, the parents of St. Vincent de Paul and parishioners of St. Paul Catholic Church, have been serving up mouth watering meals to raise money for St. Paul's Catholic School, but this year, proceeds will be directed elsewhere.

"This is our 32nd Annual Seafood Festival out here at St. Paul's Catholic Church. The festival, in the last 31 years has always gone to St. Paul's Catholic School, but since we are no longer St. Paul's Catholic School, we combined with St. Thomas to become St. Vincent de Paul, all the proceeds will benefit St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School," said festival co-chair, Anne Tucker.

Money raised from the festival will be used to help offset tuition for all students at the new school. Tucker says if there was ever a time to defray the cost of Catholic school tuition, now is the time.

"A lot of the parents out here are working, and it is a lot of hard work. Some are still in FEMA trailers, but we do this for our kids that go to school, so it's just always all for the kids," Tucker said.

This is just one of a number of fundraisers being held to help raise money for the new Catholic school, which is slated to open in August of 2008, and the two catholic schools that will be combining are already finding out there's power in numbers.

"There are other fundraisers that we do at St. Vincent de Paul...Boogey off the Bayou, that goes toward science and technology, the fall festival at St. Thomas; we've kind of kept our own, we're working with our own fundraisers put together now. They've got theirs that they've always had, we've always had ours, but now, we're doing them together," she said.

The festival wraps up Saturday at midnight, but rides will still be up and running on the church grounds Sunday.