USS Truxtun Christening Makes A Splash In Pascagoula

"May God bless this ship and all who sail on it," Susan Martin and Carol Roelker exclaimed as they broke the ceremonial bottles over the new ship.

Sounds of celebration filled the shipyard as the USS Truxtun prepares to join the Navy's most powerful fleet.

"I know that just by tradition, it's going to be a great crew and a great ship," veteran Leigh Phillips said. Phillips sailed on the 3rd USS Truxtun, sixty years ago.

This USS Truxtun becomes the 6th ship to bear the name of Commodore Thomas Truxtun, a name synonymous with military excellence.

"One of the founding fathers of our Navy, an individual who's been hailed for over two centuries for his superior seaman ship, ability to command, and repeated bravery under fire," Rear Admiral Charles Goddard said.

The 510-foot, 9,200 ton missile destroyer will carry a crew of about 280 men and women. The power and significance of the Truxtun is something Congressman Gene Taylor hopes everyone will celebrate.

"South Mississippians tend to take this for granted and I regret that. We think it's a gift from God that's not going to go away. It's something we ought to be proud of, this is a billion dollar investment from the American people, that's going to protect the American people, and it was done right here in Mississippi," Rep. Gene Taylor said.

And when the USS Truxtun ventures away from Mississippi waters, it's destined to carry a legacy of courage, and a message of determination.

"We're telling any potential foe we're not resting on our laurels, we're going to continue having the world's greatest navy, and anyone who thinks of messing with the United States Navy ought to be aware of that," Taylor said.

The Truxtun is the first ship to be completed since the strike that Ingalls shipbuilders faced earlier this year. The ship will be commissioned in about a year, and will then join the U.S. Atlantic Fleet.