Biloxi Mayor Disappointed By FEMA Map Delay

Biloxi's mayor says the ongoing recovery from Katrina may be hampered by a delay in the release of FEMA maps. The FEMA flood elevation maps won't be ready now until sometime next year, possibly as late as December 2008.

Those flood insurance rate maps are important because they have an impact on future rebuilding. Mayor A.J. Holloway is disappointed by the delay.

"I really think this is slowing down our recovery, leaving a lot of people in doubt about what to do. You know, they're waiting for a loan or maybe waiting for a grant and this comes up and it's stalling them again. So, it's really unfortunate in my opinion they've been unable to make a decision on this," Holloway said.

The City of Biloxi has not yet adopted the FEMA advisory elevations. The city did approve raising the previous building elevation levels by three feet.