Gulf Park Estates Nearly Halfway To Recovery

There are many signs of progress on Seahorse Avenue in Gulf Park Estates. But the memory of Katrina's devastation hasn't disappeared.

"Everything was everywhere, it was a disaster," 9-year-old Chelsea Marlowe said.

"The houses across the street were gone... and what was left, wasn't much to look at," her father Joey Marlowe said.

Rebuilding was never an option for the Marlowe family, it was the only answer. It was the process that wasn't easy.

"First it was just a matter of financial situation, with insurance proceeds not being what we expected and waiting on the homeowners grant. Then it was just a matter of putting things back together, piece by piece," Marlowe said.

For as much progress as Marlowe is making, he can't help but notice the slabs throughout his neighborhood, debris on the ground, and the For Sale signs that speckle the streets.

But he believes rebuilding really is picking up.

"I've seen several houses go up in the past several months, and it's a good feeling to know we're not the only ones," Marlowe said.

"It's like it's a part of a puzzle," Chelsea said.

A puzzle that the Marlowe's hope other families can help solve, using their piece of Gulf Park Estates to reunite a community ravaged by Katrina.

There is a sense of community still here. I'm sure we'll have new neighbors coming back slowly but surely as well," Marlowe said.

Jackson County Supervisor John McKay says Gulf Park Estates is about 40 percent rebuilt, and he estimates that by the end of this year, the community will be more than halfway complete.