Corps to Pay for Flooding Study

During heavy rains or tropical storms, some homes in the Long Beach Green Acres subdivision flood. The city engineer says one reason is the canal that runs behind the houses on Marjorie Street. Another reason is Turkey Creek in North Gulfport that runs to Long Beach. The Corps of Engineers acknowledges there is widespread flooding that needs to be plugged, and the Corps will pay to study the best way to do that. Corps Representative Johnny Grandison says, "Once we develop that plan and decide how we're going to look at the project or the problem we'll look at ways to attack it and develop some alternatives to doing that."

Once the Corps decides what to do, the government will pay 65% of the cost and the county will pay the other 35%. "We don't want you to feel like we're running out doing something that you're not on top of and aware of and know what your financial commitment would be." Grandison says. Grandison assured the board the corps will find a solution. The supervisors say that's the kind of commitment they were hoping to hear, since the flooding covers so many areas. Supervisors' President William Martin says, "All of the areas there involving Canal Road and all of that area and there's some development issues and a lot of things have to be considered so we're glad that the Corps is agreeing to take the lead on this."  District 3 Supervisor Marlin Ladner says, "It's obvious that there's got to be some relief for those folks where flooding occurs."

The corps says it can't give a time frame on when the study will be complete.