Residents Slowly Returning To Langley Point

A.J. Fountain has deep roots on Langley Point, and now he's sinking them even deeper.

"They put us in a Velocity Zone, so I'm going to have to come up with blow out walls at least two foot," says Fountain. "So therefore I'm just coming right on top of my slab at least two foot for the blow out walls."

He also has the deep pockets it takes to return to this beautiful corner of St. Martin.

"We have 21 acres up on Victoria Drive," says Fountain. "We're going build a house up there, but it's going to be what you call a "get away house." Because I ain't going to stay in a FEMA trailer again."

Fountain, his three sons, and his daughter are all building back within sight of each other.

"They all own property. They're not here yet, but we all will be back here."

Their reasons for returning to this place that was wiped clean were never in doubt.

"I ain't never run from anything in my life before. No sense in running again. We're in love with it out here. It's quiet. You don't have anybody in your backyard. I like to crab, shrimp right off my pier and that's it."

But he knows it won't be as easy for some of his neighbors to rejoin him.

"Some people might not build here because the insurance is so high. Sooner or later you're going to have a hurricane, but maybe we'll get to live here three or four years before one comes."

Condo and casino developers have also shown interest in acquiring and developing property here. But Fountain hopes that, despite all the obstacles, other families like his can find a way to come back and once again call Langley Point home.

"We had some fine people out here. We had a community swimming pool. We had a tennis court. We had a community boat ramp. We had all that."

Fountain hopes to have his new home ready to move in to in the next three months.