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Want To Buy A Grain Elevator?

The Port of Pascagoula, which had sought to get the military to blow up a derelict grain elevator, has decided to go a different route. Port Director Mark McAndrews said a military training exercise would be the wrong tool to bring the elevator down. He said the county will advertise the demolition job, which will cost about $1 million.

The grain elevator will be tough to level. It has 2.4 million pounds of reinforced steel and 260,000 pounds of structural steel. Grain dust can explode, so each silo is an individual structure made to withstand blasts. ``It requires highly technical blasting skills,'' McAndrews said. County administrator George Sholl said a wrecking ball will have to be used to knock out the base. The process of tearing down the elevator will be left up to the contractor and should begin by early summer. The contractor also will be responsible for removing about 50 tons of debris and dumping it offshore to create fishing reefs.

The 241 1/2-foot grain elevator was the tallest building in Mississippi when it was built in 1961. The port has struggled to find a use for the grain elevator since 1994 when the county paid more than $800,000 to buy out the elevator lease from the Louis Dreyfus Corp. County and port officials explored several plans for the elevator, including using the elevator's silos for bulk storage, but ultimately decided to clear the 60-acre site for development.

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